2022 Ultimate Guide to Betting on NASCAR

From February to November, motorsport and NASCAR fans have a plethora of wagering opportunities that span the majority of the year on weekend days. So, let’s get started on how to bet on NASCAR online and see if we can turn you into a successful NASCAR bettor with NASCAR betting tips and strategies and more.

The three categories of NASCAR motor racing that are the most popular events wagered on are the Truck Series, Xfinity Series, and Cup Series Racing, with the latter being the most popular.

How to Bet on NASCAR: Be Aware of the Different Tracks and Distances
The first thing a NASCAR fan will notice is that races are held on different track layouts and at different distances. Aside from differences in track styles, such as a track with multiple left and right turns versus an oval track with only left turns, there is also the climate in which the race is held. A race in the Northeast in April with cooler temperatures affects the cars differently than a race in South Florida in the summer.

Keep a Driver’s Form in Mind When Betting on NASCAR
A driver’s form, like that of other sports with large fields over a long period of time, is important to the odds for a NASCAR race. Of course, it happens, such as a +8000-odds golfer winning a tournament after not competing near the top for a long time, but the same can be said for NASCAR drivers.

It is unusual for a driver to string together weeks of poor performance and then leap to first place on the podium. When it comes to NASCAR betting odds, track history also plays a role. In addition to a wider perspective, qualifying times, starting positions, and other pre-race factors that occur during the same week as the race can sway the odds one way or the other. NASCAR betting online should always take into account a driver’s performance.

Race Winner Wagers – How to Bet on NASCAR
Picking the driver who will win the race is the simplest way to bet on NASCAR. Customers can usually pick any of the 40 drivers who are listed to win. The favorite in the race will have odds of +500 to +700, with other competitors close behind.

NASCAR Betting Strategies – What Are NASCAR Head-to-Head Wagers?
In NASCAR betting online, head-to-head wagering is when a customer can choose one driver over another based on who will finish higher. These are typically used in parlay building for NASCAR customers, but they can also be used to determine the value of two drivers.

If a driver has recently improved his form but lacks a good track history at a specific track or track style, it could be a way to find value for a driver who isn’t performing as well but has an impeccable track record. It is an excellent piece of game theory for NASCAR fans. Head-to- Head wagering will have two money line options, such as:

Ryan Blaney +100 Denny Hamilton -130

This is also available for groups of three or more, with more favorable odds than head-to-head NASCAR wagering.

NASCAR Driver Finishes Wagers
You don’t want to pick the winner, but you have a feeling a driver will run a strong race? Like golf, NASCAR customers can place bets on whether a driver will finish in the top three, top five, or top ten in a given race.

NASCAR Advanced Betting – Manufacturer and Team NASCAR Betting
Customers who are unfamiliar with the sport may be unaware that NASCAR is a team sport. There is more to the race than the driver behind the wheel, with qualifying races, pit crews, and manufacturer partners.

Customers can bet on which manufacturer team, such as Toyota, Ford, or Chevrolet, will win a specific race in NASCAR Team Betting. For example, in the most recent NASCAR season, Ford had four drivers in the Top 10, Chevrolet had three, and Toyota had three.

There are ownership groups that run multiple race cars within those manufacturer teams, similar to horse racing. These teams can also be wagered on per race, such as whether the winner will come from one of the following groups:

Joe Gibbs Racing, Team Penske, Hendrick Motorsports, Any Other Team, Stewart-Haas Racing, Chip Ganassi Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Roush Fenway Racing, JTG Daughtery Racing, and Rick Ware Racing are among the teams competing.

What Are NASCAR Stage Winner Wagers?
There are a few exceptions, but the majority of the NASCAR Cup Series races are divided into three stages. Winning a stage awards drivers points for the season-long NASCAR Cup Championship, but it also allows customers to select drivers who start fast but may not have the endurance for a full race, or it allows customers to watch a specific section of the race without committing to watching the entire event.

This was recently created to prevent one driver from dominating a race for an extended period of time, as after a stage winner, the cars reset and start behind one another in a pack, similar to the start of the race. In a 300-lap race, Stage 1 would be 50 laps, Stage 2 would be 120 laps, and Stage 3 would be 130 laps.

Learning how to bet on NASCAR stage winners can quickly transform you into a profitable NASCAR bettor.

How to Place a Bet on NASCAR Race Props
These are not available for all races, but for major events such as the Daytona 500, the Coca-Cola 600, and the NASCAR Cup Championship finale, okbet motor racing online betting sportsbooks should have extra prop selections.

There are NASCAR props markets, such as ‘Car Number of Race Winner’ with an even/odd selection, ‘Car Number of Race Winner’ with an over/under selection of a number like 11.5, or 12.5, and an over/under on caution flags throughout a race.

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