Anders Thomsen and Leon Madsen, two of the best speedway GP riders in the world, both have faith that Nicki Pedersen, a three-time world champion, can lead the Danish national team to success in their next championship.

Hans Nielsen, a four-time okbet betting world champion, has been replaced by Pedersen, who will lead Denmark into the FIM Speedway World Cup in Wroclaw, Poland, on July 25-29.

Despite sustaining a seriously fractured hip and pelvis in June of 2022, which halted his 2022 season, Pedersen still intends to participate on the track in 2023 for Danish club Holsted and Polish PGE Ekstraliga squad Grudziadz.

Even though Pedersen earned a reputation for being furious in the pits at times, Thomsen thinks that he will channel that energy effectively as a coach. And he thinks it might work to Denmark’s benefit that the new national chief is still racing.

In his words, “the experience he has, and the struggle he has put in to reach the top of the globe, can only be an encouragement for the elite in Danish speedway.” This was posted on the Vojens Speedway Center’s Facebook page.

When things become heated in the locker room, Nicki is able to keep her cool and handle the problems okbet online betting head-on, in my opinion. He has a terrific disposition, which will earn him the respect of his fellow riders. I have no concerns that Nicki will be doing double duty because of his familiarity with contemporary speedway, which he has gained via his own participation in the sport.

With two silver medals at the Speedway GP, Madsen has firmly established himself as Denmark’s top rider in recent years. He is excited to see the change that Pedersen and the country’s rising stars can create when they band together.

‘I believe it’s an amazing move that DMU has taken, and I’m looking forward to working with Nicki Pedersen,’ he added.

While I believe a speedway national coach’s primary role to be that of a teacher and role model for up-and-coming riders, it is clear that Nicki will provide a breath of new air to the team as they prepare for the 2019 Speedway World Cup.

Benjamin Basso, a racer in the 2022 SGP2, thinks the appointment will help Danish racing in several ways. “With Nicki at the head, I believe racing okbet that Danish Speedway will gain more exposure, since he is such a magnetic personality,” he remarked. I also believe that he will mature in the role and learn to control his fiery demeanor in a new manner.

With a trainer versed in current speedway, things will be fresh and interesting.